Storehouse Charity Project

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£4000 and a mountain of food!

This year our nominated Charity is The Storehouse in Belfast. Run by The Vineyard Church, The Storehouse provides emergency food packages to people in need throughout the city. Such people include homeless individuals, vulnerable people, the elderly and families in crisis.

 During our Charity week, a number of  events occurred:

1. Junk-food Challenge! : Pupils were asked to get sponsored to give up all junk food and unhealthy drinks/snacks for the four days of the project!

2. Food donations: We asked pupils to bring in non-perishable or long-life food items to donate to the Charity.

As well as raising money, pupils and parents have donated a huge supply of food to The Storehouse.

Alan Carson from Vineyard Church was amazed at the amount donated and passes his gratitude to staff, pupils and parents for their generosity. More photos in the gallery.

Thank you to everyone for your amazing contributions!